SimTech provide customers with one-stop product services。

Equipment of Semicon Industry

FCBGA Equipment
Automation equipment with processes
Wet process Equipment

Medical & New Energy Equipmen

Lithium battery automatic recycling line
Solar silicon wafer sorting machine

Industrial automation equipment

Orderly operation of multiple
workshops in digital chemical plants

Materials and Services

Professional provision of various
tools for machining workshops


SimTech focus on the field of automation equipment, continuously creating maximum value for customers



Industry Leading provider of integrated automation equipment solutions


Your Automation
Service Provider

SimTech (Suzhou) Co, Ltd. is established solely by the team of Simtech Automation in Singapore. The company has rich experience in industrial automation and is a technology company that integrates precision component manufacturing, software technology development, non-standard automation equipment design, manufacturing, and assembly. Simtech has strong research and development capabilities and a comprehensive service system. We focus on factory automation (FA) especially for back-end production in semiconductor industry, while also covering the fields of medical and solar equipment, industrial automation equipment.

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30years IndustryR&D experience
30+Senior R&D personnel
60+Intellectual Property Data
3+wholly-owned subsidiary


Integrity, pragmatism, innovation, efficiency

Independent production high quality and efficiency

Comprehensive independent processing and
manufacturing capabilities, able to meet customer
requirements in time and accuracy

Strong technology and R&D team

More than 30 years of technical experience in the field of semiconductor Assembly and Test

Perfect after-sales service system

Professional after-sales service system to help customers solve problems in the shortest time

Superior geographical location

SimTech Suzhou can quickly respond to customer needs,Penang Service Center connects to the world's semiconductor testing center


Our products have been widely used in major multinational companies, such as TF-AMD, Carsem, Knowles,Intel,
JCET , ST Microelectronics, CTEC, Xingang Electronics, NCAP China, BD, Molex, etc.Adhering to leading
technology to create value for customers


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